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In a copper boiler, a steam-distilled product of the highest standard, obtained through quality control. Georgian Traditional Grape Spirit – “Chacha” is produced from a variety of grape cultivars. A special selection of cultivars, providing distinct aroma and character, is used for high-quality brandies.
Chacha is made from kakhetian type wine, which significantly differs from regular table wines. It is made from later grapes in order to achieve lower acid concentrations and higher sugar levels. Base wine generally contains a smaller amount of sulfur than regular wines, as it creates undesired copper sulfate in reaction with copper in the pot stills. The production uses a combination of old Georgian methods and modern technologies, which makes the drink unique.

Benjy's Feijoa Brandy

VAT Included

Made with the distillation of high-quality Georgian Fruit Juice. (200 ml)
Alcohol level 43 % 

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